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1. One mute motors for high-speed vibration massage.
2. Infrared heating. 

 3.Quick warm uterus,reduce dysmenorrhea.
4. Three magnetic stone therapy.
5. Four switches,easy to operate.
6. ABS Shell & Adjustable Belt.
7. Built-in recharageable large capacity lithium battery
 8.Beartiful and compact,easy to carry.
9. Work on multiple areas. Vibrating waist, burning belly fat, warm uterus and slimming thighs, etc.

Selling Points:

1.Vibration, Infrared Heating:
Quickly heating to 65 Celsius and warm uterus,reduce pain caused by dysmenorrhea.
2.Plasticity and Health:
Vibration function can improve your blood circulation, enhance your metabolism and provide healthier bowel movement. Designed according to human engineering, to make sure that the greatest degree of comfort, reduce muscle fatigue, reduce lactic acid production. Suitable for all genders.
3.ABS Shell & Adjustable Belt:
The machine body adopts the high quality and environmentally friendly ABS material, and the waist belt inner lining is made of mesh polyester fiber, which is comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbent. 
4.Work On Multiple Areas:
You can put the belt on the area that you would like to focus. That includes your abdomen, shoulders, thighs, waist and more. It's a new and healthy way to take exercise for your body anytime and anywhere.

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