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1. 13 wide jade rollers(9 for back, 4 for legs) in one section for whole body no-gap massage (from head, lumbar, buttocks to legs).
2. Aluminum rail + Synchronous belt transmission for better loading capacity.
3. Whole body carbon fiber heating(FIR) for ultimate therapy.
4. Music function.
5. 5 + 11 jade projectors to massage all parts of your body.
6. Manual mode: you can stop the roller at any position for spot massage.
7. Auto mode: 1&2.whole lumbar;
                       3.buttocks & waist;
                       5.upper back & shoulders;
                       6.neck & shoulders.
8. 40 minutes auto massage, time setting 5-80 minutes.
9. Temperature setting 30-70ºC.
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