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1. Air squeezing massage for instep and ankle.
2. Scrapping, kneading, Shiatsu massage for soles.
3. Soothing heating to improve foot blood circulation.
4. Ozone Sterilization.
5. Wireless remote controller for easy operation.
6. DC adapter for safe use.
7. Washable fabric cover.
A. The kneading and rolling actions go deep into the different layers of muscles of your calves,feet,ankles and soles,leaving your rejuvenation and relaxation.
B.Kneading and rolling massage target vital reflex points on feet and soles, achieving positive reflexology effects.
C. Stimulates blood circulation, thereby preparing and warming the muscles.
D. Relieves tension and reduces stress.
E. Relieves sore and tired feet effectively.
F. Helps to tone, shape and beautify  you calves and feet.
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