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RLS-933K Eye Massager:

Air Pressure, Warming,Vibration,
Feature: Rechargeable   Voltage: DC5V-1A  with USB and Charger
Battery:900mAH ,Time: 15minutes
Music (With headphone jack , Volume Adjustable,change to next music)
3 hours charging and 60-90 minutes using After all function opening.
A TF card of 256MB to download any music you like.
1. Finger-pressing acupoint massage:Built -in 4 digital stimulation finger pressing massage modes, to massage and stimulate the acupoints around the eyes, activate the optic nerve.
2. Heat therapy:38-42 degrees constant temperature heat to alleviate dry eyes.Special infrared heating to improve hypodermis blood vessel dilatation, relief eye fatigue.
3. Multi-frequency vibration massage:Multi-frequency pulse modes make the eyeball and muscle of eyes more rhythmical movements and better blood circulation.
4. Smart air pressure massage:Built-in microcomputer, control changeable air pressure, adjust the best condition automatically according to different faces.
5.Relax music:The music voice can change up and down , the music can change to next you enjoy the massager.

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