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1. Health Massage new experience, combined with fixed-point kneading massage heads spin, low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy, infrared pulse pulse function gives you an unparalleled experience.
2. Mobile smart controller operation, be free to stretch, convenient, lightweight and comfortable.
3. According to ergonomics designed to change the massage intensity and can be after the body's natural forward tilt, that can achieve the intensity you want to make you extremely comfortable.
4. 6 massage heads, a strong intensity, simulation techniques were kneading, easy to reach the depth of foot massage points.
5. Each side of the three groups of massage kneading heads can be easily and accurately to the plantar important points.
6. Around Massage head area is the low-frequency region, automatic and manual selection of 25 different pulse massage modes, different models give you the different sense of enjoyment.
7. Special equipment with an external electrode cable, electrode patches can be easily pulsed electromagnetic various parts of the body massage.
8. Kneading massage and pulse massage can be individually chosen, would also both be chosen.
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