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1. EMS therapy, with 25 electromagnetic wave modes, 1 automatic mode and 99 intensity levels, meeting different users' preference.
2. Infrared heating system, which cooperates with the EMS therapy to perform better therapy and make winter use delightful.
3. Timer from 5 mins to 90 mins, enabling users to use for a wanted time.
4. Remote controller, saving user's hardship of bending down for buttons.
5. Three extra outputs with extra accessories of slimming belt and electrode pads, with which users can enjoy body/waist/abdomen massage while doing foot massage, or they can share the body massage with their family or friends. Three outputs can be controlled seperately, allowing the product to perform difference levels of therapy to users' different part of body.
6. LCD display shows timer and intensities for soles and body in a clear way. 
7. Elegant design with two color options: gold and silver.
8. Music player (optional): you can insert your own company/product introduction/music file to the player so that while users are using the product, they can learn your company information or enjoy your selected music.
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